Audio Recordings
Name Label & No. Release Date Type
Ace of Hearts Decca DL-8010 ?? 78-RPM
The American Way Contest Radio Commercial Record No.45770A 1950 78-RPM
Calling All Stars [Radio Show] Star-Tone 203 ?? LP
Canterville Ghost [Radio Broadcast] Pelican Records #114 06/18/45 LP
Don Juan in Hell Columbia OSL-166 1952 LP
Greetings from Hollywood Radio broadcast 1950 LP
Hollywood's Heroes on the Air [Radio Show] 4-Murray Hill 937239 ?? LP
Lincolns Gettysburgh Address American Columbia S-271-M ?? 78-RPM
Moby Dick Decca DL-5146, Decca DL-9071 ?? LP
Mr.Pickwick's Christmas American Decca Album DA-379, 29M Personality Series ?? 78-RPM
Mr.Pickwick's Christmas Decca DL-8010; same as 78-RPM version ?? LP
Night of the Hunter RCA LPM 1136s ?? LP
Night of the Hunter RCA LPM-1136 ?? 12 inch LP
Readings from the Bible Decca DL-8031 ?? LP
Songs for a Smoke-Filled Room Vogue VA 160125, Hi-Fi Records 405 1959 LP
Songs for a Shuttered Parlor Vogue VA 160139, Hi-Fi Records 406 1959 LP
The Story Teller: A Session with Charles Laughton Capitol TBO-1650 [mono]/ STBO 1650 [Stereo] 1961 LP
This is Charles Laughton Tempo Record Company TT2260-TT2262 ?? 10-inch LP
Voice of the Stars: The Private Life of Henry VIII Regal Zonophone MR1234 1934 78-RPM
Voice of the Stars: The Barratts of Wimpole Street (Jubilee Edition) Regal Zonophone VS-2 1935 78-RPM
Voice of the Stars: Mutinity on the Bounty Regal Zonophone VS-3 1936 78-RPM
Voice of the Stars: I, Claudius (Coronation Edition) Regal Zonophone VS-4 1937 78-RPM
Voice of the Stars: Vessel of Wrath MR-2722 1938 78-RPM

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